Summer Jobs in Alaska

Ready for an adventure this summer? Jump on this!

Oh man, this is so tempting! Imagine working on a cruise ship to Alaska for the summer.

Well, as it turns out, you can actually do this. They are hiring. This is not a scam or a joke.

Find out more about summer jobs in Alaska. Good luck to anyone bold enough to do it.

Thanks so much to Nadine for alerting me to this!

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My thoughts and well wishes go out to you and everyone struggling to find their way back in the job market.

I am new to southern California and I have not worked in eight months. My husband and I relocated from NYC because he got a new position. I didn't have much time to think about the changes that would occur with the move, it happened within weeks.

I am and have always been an artist. I went to college for theatre/dance and I am a poet about to be published from an independant press back in NYC. With that said, I never had a real job, I waited tables like all the other starving artists in NYC. That is fine for me, as it gives me money to take classes and explore all of my endeavors. Little did I know when I moved that finding a server job would be as difficult as it has been, and after months my identity is suffering and I am succumbing to a bit of depression.All the things I love to do I can no longer do because I do not have the "fast cash" anymore.

To make matters worse,I do not feel comfortable driving here since I had a few fender benders back east, so I am extremely limited. Usually extremely social, I am not meeting new people in my new city since I am not working/taking classes. I have wanted to start a bucket list blog since I relocated, but bucket lists require funds.I feel far removed from my poetry.

My friends back east don't understand and cannot fathom my new sadness, I am always so sunshiny so they cannot relate to this stranger I am becoming. One friend said this is not who you are. On that note, artistically I am not getting any stimulation for new poems, my muse has gone south with my lack of job. In NYC I complained I worked so much I lacked time, now I have the time to accomplish my dreams but not the green.

To end this comment, I always try to remind myself I am blessed, and this too shall pass. I have started walking a few hours a day and fell of that wagon. I think tomorrow I will get back on the exercise trail. You are correct,It does help a little.

Blessings to you all.

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