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[UPDATE: The information in this post may no longer be current. I heard the money may have dried up. May be worth a try anyway, though.]

Two real grant opportunities for the jobless

I would like to share two grant opportunities that are available to the unemployed. One is only available for New York City residents, and one is available nationwide to displaced workers from financial firms, but if you fall into either of these categories, this information might be useful.

Individual Training Grants (ITG) for New York City residents

These grants will pay for your training to enter a high-demand occupation in New York City. All kinds of opportunities exist from health care to computer programming to truck driving. A key piece of information is that you must not already be enrolled in a training program when applying for the grant. You apply for the grant first, get the money, then apply for the training program and courses of your choice. You can even apply for ITGs if you are employed, provided you make under $56,000 a year. Call or visit your nearest Workforce1 Center to get the ball rolling.

Visit this site for more information.

National Emergency Grants (NEGs)

NEGs sort of make me mad, actually, because they are limited to financial folks. These training grants are very generous -- tens of thousands of dollars in free money -- for people who have been displaced from the financial industry. This is in addition to your unemployment benefits. If you have been laid off from a firm like Lehman Brothers, UBS, Citibank, Bear Stearns, or a long list of others, you may qualify for one of these grants.

For more information, visit this site

If you are eligible for either grant, please apply. If you are not eligible for these grants, contact your state's unemployment office and they may be able to help you find other grant opportunities.

Best of luck.

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Emergency Assistance For Unemployed Americans

I wanted to let everyone know there is also a organization called that gives out grants up to One Thousand Dollars to unemployed Americans. They also help unemployed Americans with their resume and/or cover letter, scholarships, and they also give out free new clothes from Nordstorm's, Macy's, and other retailers to boost confidence of unemployed Americans who land a interview.

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That's awesome, Josh!

Thanks a lot for sharing.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

I am in need of help to keep

I am in need of help to keep a rof over my head and put food on the table


The federal government offers something called a WIA grant to people who qualify for unemployment or who qualify based on financial criteria. They will give you up to $3000 to take classes that will help to qualify you to get a job. I just completed the paperwork and will be taking courses to become a certified Project Management Professional in mid-September.

It's a great program as it helps to build skills and give you something positive to talk about in interviews.

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That's great!

I'll try to dig up a link for people. I'm sure the nice folks at your local unemployment office can help you find those WIA grants. Thanks so much.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

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