Unemployed and Lovin' It!

What if unemployment is the solution, not the problem?

Why did I waste so much of my life working for the Man? It's so much more fun to make my way through my own hustle and wits! What's the worst thing that can happen? I lose everything and have to go into full hobo mode? That might not be so bad for a while. Maybe I'll head down to somewhere in South America for a while. Why not? What do we have here that they don't have down there? Certainly not jobs!

More likely I'll end up making a whole boatload of money and camping out in some suite in Paris for a while. Or maybe I'll just head for the hills and stake me out a plot of good black dirt. Or maybe I'll be dead by mornin'. "Dream like you'll live forever, live like you'll die tomorrow," or whatever...

The future is always uncertain, and that can be a good thing.

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BustedFlatinBklyn's picture

unemployment is like anything else

once you adapt to it, you do fine. old pros like you and me know that. it's good to rep it.

it's true, folks, you will survive. you might even come out of it better off.

When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose - B. Dylan

chuck's picture

Where have you been?

You gotta stop bustin' in here like that, all unannounced and whatnot.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

I am also enjoying unemployment

I am currently on Maternity leave (Canada) We receive 52 weeks of unemployment and I am loving it. Although the kids can be a lot of work but I enjoy being home so much I don't know about going back to work should I still have a job> ?!?

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One year of maternity leave?

Probably mandated by law, too...

It must be nice to live in a civilized country.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

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