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Gulf Oil Catastrophe Unemployment

Extent of ecological damage impossible to predict, but effect on unemployment will be big

Michigan unemployment rate is a SHAME

Holy crow! I knew the great state of Michigan was in a bad way, but Michigan's unemployment rate of 15 percent blows me away. An official unemployment rate of 15 percent translates to at least 25 percent in real terms. Add underemployment, and it could mean 40 percent of the workforce is out of a job in the... (What's Michigan's nickname, anyway?) Motor State!

U.S. Jobs Picture Catastrophic

David Leonhardt noticed the right thing. Maybe there is hope that the mass-market media will wake up one day and realize that its not doing its job is kind of a bad thing for its own profits and society at-large. (Actually, Leonhardt is one of the best out there when it comes to economic commentary. That explains why he writes for The New York Times while people like me are exiled to the outer bands of a far-off galaxy in cyberspace.)

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