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Have you heard of Connecting Us All – The Global Giving network? Well, this organization was designed out of necessity to structure a support system and allow people to help people no matter a person’s age, religion, gender or economic position. I am sure you’ve heard of all the situations with people losing their homes, jobs, savings and all the situations of violence here and around the world? Have you or anyone you know been effected by these situations?

Well Connecting Us All is a Global community of like minded individuals who believe it’s time to support each other instead of counting on the Government and Corporations to solve these global issues. The intention of this community is abolish poverty and make sure every man, women and child globally has their basic needs like food, clothing, housing, health and wellness, in addition to creating abundance in their lives so they can help continue the movement throughout the world.

Can you see why I have aligned myself in this community?

The site has three core areas I would like to tell you about:

Area 1: A Free Worldwide Social Media Site that connects the entire world under one global web site called This is a great way of connecting people, identifying people in need and building a social network of like minded people.

Area 2: The Giving Tree is our Worldwide Relief Center where anyone can post any want, need, dream, and prayer request or if they have items they can give away. Thousands have been helped with Food, Rent, Utilities, Clothing, Medical Treatments in addition to Non Profit Organizations, Churches and additional Projects around the world are also receiving from the abundance of our members. This is the way we can help those you know who are struggling and need some additional support.

Area 3: The Giving Pool is the way our members create more abundance within our community by giving unconditionally to each other and the members on our Giving Tree. Our Community believes by giving we open up abundance in our lives.

I would like to ask you to join Connecting Us All and become a part of this pay it forward community

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This is awesome!


You just made my week (I would say my month, but it's been a good month). Thanks.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

It is changing peoples lifes

you can contact me at and I will be happy to explain how you can make the most out of this awesome community.


Vinson Hughes

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