What Was I thinking !!


The fifth interview in 12 months, In some eyes it may be a discouraging journey, to me its a warm welcome to days filled with echos of my own voice , Finding your way through the maze of construction on every street, highway and byway . Trying not to use the air condition to save a little gas for the next day long road trip to the unknown.Arriving at a location two hours away from the starting point to be face to face to yet another young man asking questions on why I would fit into this company and what I would bring to this table.Being my resume tells nothing at all about me nor what I have done for the past years employed, I explain .

30 years experience , Following and understanding the protocol of said company , Starting new projects to increase sales in this area .Keeping first and foremost intact the needs of customers.

Watching his eyes as he read out question after question, very little if any eye contact to me, the person he was interviewing. Thanking me for my time but he did have others on there way to be interviewed as well . He said I would receive a E-mail if they were interested.

Leaving on that hot muggy day in the rain I knew that E-mail would be another null and void experience .Sure enough that E-mail came an there in Black in white was I'm sorry you do not fit the criteria we were looking for at this time ,, But Thank you for your time.;

As a smile came across my face I knew this your man was not in the market to hire his Grandmother to work along side him in this two person office. I had to chuckle for this poor 20 year old child could not even look at me in the face , could not look up from his check list of questions that were printed out by his superiors. I just shock my head ,.How did I think I would fit into this type of setting . What Was I thinking ..

A job for those over 55 how ridiculous Again what was I thinking !!

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Your Resume

I have been guilty of the same in the past ... looking at so many resumes - one jumps out at me – this candidate looks good - I ask to meet the person. Because I have seen so many resumes I actually forget the details of the person’s experience because I have seen soooo many resumes. I would come in the morning promising myself I would review the resume before the candidate came in and then they day would take over and the job of putting out fires or the last minute meetings would pop up and before I knew it the candidate was sitting in the reception area waiting for their interview. So - your best bet is to talk to the interviewer as if they never saw your resume. Now you are right in front of them and it's your time to sell yourself based on the job description I am sure you read probably more than three times. As far as fit, you are right. I am sure a 20 something year old would not want to work with a 50 something year old - it's human nature. They just are not old enough to have gained wisdom - it took us a long time to acquire it too.

Good Luck

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