How to Start Your Own Manufacturing Business

Come to think of it, you could make your own holiday gifts, too.

Read this warning first, though:

WARNING: Every link in this post will be an affiliate link. Though this information comes from the goodness of my heart, I am also trying to make some dough like everybody else.

In addition to being entertained and informed, you are about to be exposed to powerful sales copy. If you are unemployed and you are the kind of person whose credit card burns a hole in your wallet, I beg you...

... stop reading now, before it's too late!

Actually, you do not have to stop reading. The products I am about to reference all come with money-back guarantees so if you're not satisfied, get a refund.

I am proud to promote these resources which I believe to be well worth the small investment for someone focused on building a secure life by manufacturing things.

OK, that will do. You have been warned. With that out of the way and my conscience totally clear...

It is possible to start one's own manufacturing business. Start small and scale up. Do one project, make a few thou', and invest the profits in the next project. First you have to be able to make the things people need and make them well. Here are a few ideas:

  • Build solar power systems. This is the business of the future, but it's also the business of right now. It's easier than you think. Learn how.
  • Build solar heating systems. If you can put together a shelf from IKEA, you can build these things.
  • Make soap. Everybody needs soap, right? Steady work and good profits if you're smart about sourcing your materials and efficient about production (That's what the product is for).
  • Make candles. Lots of people do this already because there is good money in it. If you're serious about trying this business, do yourself a favor and learn from a pro.

OK, well, that should have gotten some entrepreneur's motor running. I know that at least one person who reads this will act on it and become incredibly successful in their own manufacturing business. Is that person you?

To your success!

P.S. -- I built this website of a wet wipes manufacturer that makes their stuff right here in the U.S.A. If you have a business plan that requires a lot of wet wipes, you should check it out.

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