Unemployed Loser No More

This may be redundant, but it's my blog.

I'll repeat myself if I damn well please. (Yes, this will be one of those passionate posts where naughty words pop up here and there.)

What unemployment can do to your sense of self-worth is a hideous thing. The mere fact that you were let go is bad enough, but eventually you start to feel crummy that you can't find a job. The low point for me came when Roto-Rooter wouldn't hire me. That was like, "Wow, if I'm not fit to unclog pipes jammed with other people's shit, what am I fit to do?"

That became a turning point. That very day I decided to stop looking for a job. At the very millisecond my ass disconnected from the chair in the Roto-Rooter office, I decided that no matter what, no matter how shitty it may seem, no matter how hard it may get, beating my own path through this jungle called "life" was the one and only way for me. It's harder than having a job because the "paychecks" are not so predictable.
unemployed loser
You know what, though? I don't care. Someday my "paycheck" will be a lot bigger than it ever was when I had a job. How do I know this? Because now I understand how it works.

You know what they say about success: "10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration." It's true. Having a job is enduring the perspiration without inspiration. Plus, let's face it, most people slack off at work -- not me, but I saw it in others. With a job you've got maybe 70 percent perspiration and 5 percent inspiration if you have a job that you enjoy. Even if you rise through the ranks, you can never be successful working for The Man unless you're inspired in your job. I suppose teachers are successful, the good ones, but they don't get the monetary rewards of success, just the perspiration and inspiration leading to gratitude from their students.

The thing about not wanting a job and finding other ways to make money is that it makes you free, and freedom is scary. It's like being kicked out of your parents' house on your 18th birthday (which happened to me): Sure, you can do whatever you want, but you gotta pay the rent. Failure is on you.

For me that removes failure from the list of options. I will work my fucking ass off until I either achieve my goals or drop dead. Anybody who thinks I'm a loser for trying to do that instead of trying to get some crappy job that doesn't exist anyway can go fuck themselves. I think they're losers for clinging to their crappy little jobs, allowing clueless mediocrity to rule their lives.

Don't be an unemployed loser! Be an unemployed winner.

Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Chief.

Oh, and by the way: If you're employed, lazy, and uninspired, you damn sure ain't no winner, unless your salary is over a million a year, in which case I salute you for robbing the Man blind.

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That's MS. Chief :)

Coming up on four months of unemployment after a lay-off for the first time in my 48 years- this last entry of yours, Chuck, is validating, inspiring and, dammit, I do enjoy a well-placed "fuck" when, with two masters degrees I still couldn't make it past the initial cut for an entry level position yesterday in education.

You are "talkin' to me" and I'm quite grateful, 'cause, though I've been working hard to take care of our kids and home and myself while I've been permanently laid off, today WAS a crummy one and I needed the boost.

I admire your shift and the extraordinary benefits the decision gives your deserving spirit :)

Many thanks.

Ms. Chief

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OK, Ms. Chief!

I'm glad you got a boost out of it. That's what it's there for!

Thanks for the kind words. :)

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

Keep pushing Chuck

My contract 5-6 week job will end tomorrow and I got to look again Chuck.
Not bad IT support job for $17 an hours. I am busting and sending resumes again to hustle to pay the back bills. I know you and others can't lament my summer 2.5 months of unemployment and no money. Bills had piled up and the mortgage is not paid. I still got to hustle for better pay and more work. I hope you guys and gals don't give up and push yourself to the limit to work, get paid, and pay those damn bills. Later.

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Yeah, that's about it.

Work, get paid, and pay those damn bills. After you get that down, scale up until you have achieved complete dominion over your own life.

Keep hustlin', Don. I love your attitude.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

Recent news on the Job Outlook


You read the recent news on unmeployment. Of course Sept. job lossed was bad. Me included. I am sure they are many out there looking who have the requisite basic experience who want to learn and perform new skills set. Check this article on current jobs going unfulled because they want specific job requirements to the detail. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091004/ap_on_bi_ge/us_good_jobs_unfilled

I find this in the IT field where they list the IT jobs requireing so many hardware and software skill set, that I know in the real working world you can't find even the currently employed best employees who can master and had that requisite experience they demand. I try to keep up with the latest technology, but again even the best out there can't always learn and master every detail they require in the job description. I will do my best as I have an interview tomorrow. Later.

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Bill Gates couldn't get hired in IT

The Google guys couldn't get hired in IT. It's ridiculous what they demand now. You literally have to know everything about everything, and nobody does. I swear that the whole "unfilled tech jobs" thing is some kind of scam. Tech needs to be compartmentalized. It used to be that one person or department handled system administration, another did coding, somebody else to handle user interface, and somebody to manage projects. They used to even subdivide those areas.

Now I guess they think one person can do it all. It's a really stupid way to work because even if someone had skills in every area, they would not be an expert in all of them.

Anyway, good luck with your interview.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

Pulling for each other.

Still waiting for a clearance check to pass Chuck. I am not waiting as I have to push harder to impress as I need something to pays some of the bills. I have seen experienced professionals I have spoken too like chemist, chemical engineers and accountants. I read the story of DC laying off teachers. This is the latest headlines http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091009/ap_on_bi_ge/us_job_openings about Job competition toughest since recession began

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That's great news!

So you nailed the interview? The background/clearance thing is the last step. You're almost there, man! Good luck.

Ugh -- that news story is depressing.

There are about 6.3 unemployed workers competing, on average, for each job opening,...

That math is already done for you. This economy will be fundamentally restructured by the time all is said and done. The status quo is totally unsustainable.

When life hands you sh*t, make fertilizer.

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