Unemployment News Roundup - 05/17/2011

Massachusetts Unemployment Agency Computers Breached, Information Compromised

Cnet reports that a virus infecting some 1,500 computers in the state's unemployment office may have compromised the personal and private business information, including Social Security and Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

The virus lived on the computers between April 19 and May 13 and may have harvested addresses, e-mail addresses and even banking information of businesses filing quarterly reports.

Florida Seeks to Make Off-the-clock "Misconduct" Grounds to Deny Unemployment Benefits

A new law (HB 7005), having passed the Florida Senate and awaiting the governor's signature, will make off-the-job "misconduct" a legitimate grounds for denying unemployment claims.

Exactly what constitutes "misconduct" remains unclear, but what is clear is that the bill will give employers more ways to dispute unemployment claims. It is also a clear encroachment on personal liberty.

Unless an employee engages in illegal activity that jeopardizes their ability to perform their job (an accountant runs a money laundering business on the side), what an employee does on their own time should remain none of the employer's business. They do not own us. We are not slaves. We are entitled to our own lives outside of work.

Urban Farming a Solution to Unemployment?

This article makes a case that it is. Detroit has already had some success with this. Will other cities follow suit?

National Urban League Chief: Racism Causes Unemployment

Gee, ya' think? Surely it's just a coincidence...

Unemployment No Longer Hot Topic as Media Focusses on Deficit Reduction

According to this article from my favorite magazine, stories about unemployment have dropped 70 percent since last summer.


And that's the way it is on the 17th day of May in 2011...

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